Preventing Flooding With A Home Water Leak Detector In 2021

If you’re looking for a good investment related to improving your house, then a water leak detector is definitely a good candidate. It’s really difficult for anyone to detect a water leak on their own, especially for the less handy folks. If you do, you’ll have to check the water meter and call the billing department. And if the matter worsens, you might be risking your precious household possessions, and you may not be able to do anything about it before it’s too late. A smart water leak detector can literally save you thousands of dollars. So, let’s explore it even further, shall we?

Let’s Start with the Basics: The Tale of a Dutch Folk

Dutch folk tells us the story a small boy who, after discovering a small crack in the dam, decides to save the day by plugging the crack with his finger, to prevent the damn from cracking even further and eventually collapsing. A water leak detector will have the same day-saving effect for your home, and you won’t have to plug your finger anywhere for it to work.

Without a water leak detector, you’ll have to check your water meter and contact the billing department to verify the existence of the potential water leak. After that, you’ll have to scan every corner of your house to find it. It’s a dull, tiring, and time-consuming process that might prove to be fruitless for anyone without experience.

The More Efficient Approach

With the development of technology and with homes getting more and more advanced, a water leak detector becomes an essential tool for houses.

Now, what we’re going to present is three examples or water leak detectors to introduce you to their capabilities. We’re keeping the list short so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. This is a matter that needs to be addressed because it affects the well-being of your entire house.

Water Leak Detectors: The Working Mechanism

Here’s a fun fact, of all home insurance claims, water leak damage is the most common of all. So, it’s not to be taken lightly. It can be the result of various causes: roof issues, plumbing, broken-down appliances, and so on.

A traditional water leak detector will emit a loud alarm upon detecting a leak. It’s good, but not efficient enough if you’re not in a hearing vicinity. The smart leak detectors that we have for you today utilize a connection with your smartphone to send you notifications whenever there’s a leak.

Simply install the sensor near an area with leak potential (e.g., a pipe) and let it monitor the water activity. You can even incorporate it with other sensors in your smart house, like a motion sensor or a thermostat, to have complete supervision of your home. Additionally, you can add shut-off valves that stop the water flow if the detectors identify a problem while you’re away from home.

Why You Should Invest in a Water Leak Detector

There’s no better word to describe buying a water leak detector than an “investment” seeing all the benefits it brings. This includes:

  • Preventing damage from befalling material possessions.
  • Protecting your home.
  • Being eco-friendly.
  • Minimize the water bill costs.

Reduce the Cost of Your Water Bill

Think of it this way. 30% of distributed water is lost because of leaks. A small leak in your house can cause up to 10 gallons of water to be wasted. Preventing these problems can prevent the loss of valuable resources and their monetary values. Especially with the never-ending increase of the latter.

Do Your Part for the Environment

In addition to its increasing price, water is decreasing in amount. We’re driving it to the limit, and the rising population isn’t helping. What can you do about it? Reduce wasted water. Don’t leave your tap open and definitely don’t leave a leak untreated.

Protect Your Smart Home

Would you buy or build a home, customize it to be a connected technological marvel, and decorate it with lovely furniture, just to let it all be ruined because of a water leak? I don’t think so. Keep the menace at bay and protect your home.

Prevent Damage to Other Properties

The problem with leaks is that it develops a body of water that can’t be contained or controlled. So, you have no guarantee that the problem won’t extend to reach the houses of your neighbors. You’ll be better off being a considerate neighbor who protects the neighborhood by getting the necessary protective equipment.

Voice Integration

Some of the models that you’ll find on the market will go the extra step by providing the feature of voice commands that’ll allow you to turn the water back on after being automatically shut down upon the detection of a water leak. Sure this is not an essential feature, but it’s definitely a welcomed plus that’ll give you total control over your smart house.

Best Water Leak Detectors

It’s now time to introduce the candidates after getting to know the main services provided by a water leak detector.

1.     Insteon Water Leak Sensor

Insteon provides an entire kit: 6 sensors and a Hub Central Controller to manage a variety of smart devices around the house.

Going with an IO module with a shut-off valve would make for a better system since it’ll allow you to prevent leaks without even making any significant effort.

Of course, as you might expect, all alerts will be sent via notifications, so you won’t have to worry much when you’re away from home.


  • Compatible with washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, heaters, you name it.
  • Includes water Shutoff valve and plug-in low voltage controller to cut off the water flow upon command.
  • Complete surveillance thanks to the six sensors included with the package.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Inclusion of a hub that can be the starting point of an entire smart house

2.     Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

This one is rather similar to the Insteon detector. The SmartThings sensor monitors the air’s humidity and transmits any significant information to your phone through the hub.

The hub will cost extra, but remember that this one only provides one sensor. So, if you’re looking to monitor only one critical spot, the Samsung sensor will work just fine. If you want to cover the entire house, the Insteon package will be more convenient.


  • Immediate alerts in case of a water leak.
  • Temperature and sump pump monitoring for extra control.
  • Connect other devices to amplify your home’s protection.
  • Convenient SmartThings app for both iOS and Android.
  • Bran heritage and top-notch quality.

3.     Fibaro Z Wave Wireless Flood Sensor

Not the first pick to pop in mind but a great pick nonetheless.

Like the other models on our list, this sensor requires a hub. You might have one already installed, or you might buy one as a first step for a more connected smart house.

It’s compatible with most security systems like Echo and offers great functionality and interoperability. Not the best pick for beginners but perfect for tech-heads.

What’s great about it is the wide variety of customization. You can activate sirens and scenes or trigger lights in case of an issue.


  • Easy to install and cheap in maintenance
  • Works well with most wired alarm systems
  • Audible and visual alarms for sudden temperature shifts
  • Works well with Amazon Echo Dot

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this guide to be informative and convincing of the benefits of a water leak detector. It’s a magnificent tool to have in your arsenal as it will save you time, pain, and a significant amount of money if you integrate it into your home.

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