The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances and Products For 2021

Introducing Smart Kitchen Appliances

For decades we have imagined futuristic visions of interactive robots and gadgets serving us. Finally that future has arrived! You can now have a fully automated household setup with devices you can simply talk to. They will cater to you and assist with so many of the daunting tasks we face every day. There are seemingly endless options of smart appliances on the market that will add convenience and efficiency and are customizable to your unique and busy lifestyle.

The kitchen has evolved into the heart of the home, providing more than just a place to store food and make meals. The average time spent in the kitchen has increased over the years with gatherings of chit-chat and snacking amongst friends and family. The kitchen is the one room no home is without and its size has greatly increased in modern homes compared to houses built in previous generations. Understandably so, it is becoming the most technologically advanced space in the home, especially as health-conscious trends are on the uprise.

Benefits of a Smart Kitchen

Be home for dinner, but gone are the days you have to be home to cook it.. and no, this doesn’t mean picking up a carry-out meal on your way home from the office. Whether you are a calculated chef, a busy parent or completly brand new to the kitchen, a Smart Kitchen will allow you to easily monitor cooking times, adjust temperatures, and operate power switches remotely so you can keep things cooking precisely, even while you are away.

A connected kitchen caters to convenience. Between work, school, sports, entertainment and all the things that may occupy your day, convenience is imperative to anyone’s lifestyle. There are several ways smart kitchen appliances will enhance your life.

Saving Space

Many appliances combine several functions into a single unit in a thoughtful, compact, and stylish design so you can make the most of that precious countertop real estate.

Saving Time

Although food is essential to our human functioning, cooking it is a form of expression. It requires knowledge of nutrition, variety of flavors, and visual appeal to create desirable meals.

Much of the time and labor put into cooking is lessened when combining with modern technology. Make your life easier and free up more time for family, friends and hobbies with appliances that take the complications out of cooking.


Several smart kitchen appliances connect to phone apps for iOS and Android devices. They often incorporate organizational features such as keeping records for you, setting and following automated reminders, and automated settings you never knew you needed but will soon not want to live without.

Reliable Future for Advancing Technology

Providing compatibility with Alexa, Google Assist, smart phones, comprehensive apps, and WiFi readiness allows you to easily upgrade your kitchen contraptions with the next big technological advances so your investments are never obsolete.

Our top picks

A broad variety of available smart kitchen appliances allows you to do things like check on the status of cooking food and ensure you are correctly following recipes, or keep track of your groceries and place new orders when you’re low on your favorite ingredients.

Sometimes they even work in tandem with other appliances or combine several functions in a single unit – so no need for thinking you must replace all your appliances.  Here are our top recommended smart kitchen products to get you on your way to an automated kitchen.

7-in-1 Smart Oven

You will never feel limited of cooking methods with this contraption. Rolling 7 main kitchen appliances in to one convenient unit provides versatility you will not find in any traditional appliance. This smart machine combines:

  • Air Fryer
  • Broiler
  • Convection Oven
  • Dehydrator
  • Slow Cooker
  • Toaster Oven
  • Warming Drawer

Enjoy the flexibility it provides to get the most out of your cooking adventures. Have fun and reate the unconventional, there are no creative limits here.

The 7-in-1 Smart Oven connects to a smart phone app and can be controlled by Alexa. It includes over 200 cook-programs, over 500 video-guided recipes, and recognizes over 100 foods through a built in camera. It’s metal and glass structure containing a 12”x16” capacity can fit a large pizza or even a 10 pound turkey which will cook up to 35% faster due to its carbon fiber heating elements.

Smart Fridge

Spacious and intuitive, this fridge can really integrate itself as a lifestyle item that will leave you wondering how you ever survived so long without it. Not only is equipped with a camera and browser, but its intuitive integrated system The Family Hub is compatible with numerous smart pone apps to help organize your life. These fancy features can monitor your grocery stock, keep track of expiration dates, and can even order the needed groceries for you.

You can brows the internet, stream your favorite music, or mirror your Samsung phone or TV right on its large display screen.

Several fridge vs. freezer orientations are available so you can choose the design that fits your style best. Could your kitchen possibly get any smarter?!

3 Smart Sous-Vide Precision Cooker

Leading its competition by far, this smart kitchen appliance ensures your vacuum sealed foods are cooked to the perfect temperature with impressive accuracy. While The Anova Precision Cooker circulates water at the proper temperature as part of the sous-vide technique, you can comfortably monitor the progress from your smart phone.

This handy gadget is appropriate for meats, eegs, vegetables, and fish  – maintaining all the flavor without sacrificing moisture or texture. It will enhance efficiency and precision, is easy to use, and convenient to clean up.

Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t want the perfect cup of coffee hot and ready for them after exiting the comfort of bed in the morning, or any time of day for that matter? Without the touch of a button, this superior smart Coffee Maker can be controlled by Alexa or Google Assistant, or you can use an app through your iOS or Adroid phone to schedule your brew and even adjust the strength.

Its sleek stainless steal design, reusable washable filter and large glass carafe makes it stylish, functional, and economically practical. It is more lightweight and compact than the leading competitors while still providing the impressive 12 cup capacity.  All functions considered, this is the appropriate coffee maker for individuals or full-blown coffee-fiend families.

Smart Microwave with Alexa

Add to the convenience of your kitchen functionality with this voice controlled Smart Microwave. As long as you have the required Echo device (not included), Alexa will be able to assist you with your microwaving needs, from autonomous settings like renewing Amazon popcorn orders and popping your tasty snack to perfection or simply reheating lunch. Along with including all the standard microwave functions you’d expect, this smart-kitchen-appliance is compact and will not take up too much of that valuable counter space.

Connected Scale with Recipe App

Inspire yourself chef with this Bluetooth-enabled scale.  Your inner chef will likely have trouble resisting this piece of technology. It incorporates hundreds of interactive recipes with step-by-step guides and can custom scale recipes by ingredients. It can even suggest substitutions if you catch yourself without all the required ingredients in your pantry.

This drop scale handles its business wirelessly so you do not need to worry about fussing through features with messy fingers. Quick and seamless setup will have you creating tasty masterpieces in no time.

Compact Smart Display with Alexa

Although appropriate and transportable for any room, this a digital assistant is especially handy in the kitchen. Along with including everything you love about Alexa, it allows you to research recipes, organize a shopping list, access videos for how-to guides, and more. It is quipped with both WiFi and Bluetoth capailities so the fact that you can connect and control so many of your compatible smart devices throughout the home is more than an added bonus. On the 5.5” touchscreen, Alexa can display entertainment, stream music, and help you connect calls or video chats with friends while staying hands free, all while providing multiple layers of privacy.

Long Range Smart Meat Themometer

Those who enjoy grilling or using a smoker will appreciate this device’s assistance to get the most of their meats. With an extended 165ft wireless range, you are now free to go back in the house or tend to guests while you have access to progress on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. 2 temperature sensors and 1 probe monitor internal and external temperatures simultaneously. You will have the ability set up custom alerts for times and temperatures, and do not need to be a pit-master to achieve mouth-watering results. Incorporated is a guided cook system which will walk you through each step of the cooking process and ensure you get the outcome you desire.

Masterbuilt Bluetooth Electric Smoker

Avoid those pesky trips back and forth to check up on your precious meaty meal. This smart technology equipped with Bluetooth provides plenty of room to fit food for the whole party while you continue cooking from a distance. Use the built in control panel or your smart pone/tablet to access control over power settings, time, and temperature with a built in meat probe. With a capacity large enough for 6 chickens, you can feed the whole party with perfect results every time! Additional aspects of its thoughtful and compact design, such as easy side-loading for wood chips add to the ease of using for any level barbecue enthusiast.

9-in-1 Smart Crock Pot

How much more convenience can be packed into one appliance for your smart kitchen? This single unit contains 9 distinct cooking methods and can cook 2 dishes at once in half the typical time with 15 instant cooking programs. You can pressure cook, slow cook, saute, steam, make cakes, pasteurize, make yogurt, cook rice, warm, and cook eggs. This unit is unique as it also provides the flexibility to set various pressures and manually input cooking times if you desire.

Along with its remarkable versatility, this smart crock pot’s value is enhanced through ease of setup and useage. A deluxe accessory kit is included with items like a rice paddle, stainless steel cooking pot, egg racks, and steaming trivets amongst others, so no extra accessories are required to start making your next meal.


There has never been a better time to take advantage of the advancements in smart home technology, especially in the most frequented room of the home – the kitchen. Anyone can appreciate less time cooking, planning and shopping and more time enjoying. Free up space in your home and your schedule with  convenient smart kitchen appliances.

Sorting through the seemingly endless options of available smart kitchen appliances may seem a bit overwhelming so hopefully this breakdown has supplied inspiration for choosing what features and smart kitchen appliances are most suited to your unique lifestyle and get you on your way to connected cooking!

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