The Growing Popularity Of The Smart Lawn Mower In 2021

smart lawn mower featured

Even if you don’t own one, you’re probably well aware of the trendy robotic vacuum cleaners that methodically scour home carpets and hardwood floors, ricocheting off walls and furniture to eliminate dust and dirt with virtually no human involvement. But what you may not know is that very similar devices exist for mowing lawns, and …

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Our Comprehensive Guide To DIY Home Automation In 2021

diy home automation featured

You’ve probably noticed increasing buzz around smart home devices, from video doorbells to learning thermostats. You may even have an Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker in your home. But if you’re ready to take home automation to the next level by integrating your devices into a more centralized system, read on for …

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Finding The Strongest Smart Smoke Detector Options For 2021

smart smoke detector featured

While many smart-home devices are primarily designed to make your life more convenient, a smart smoke alarm is one investment that could end up saving your life or the lives of those you love. Through operational enhancements and added safety features, smart smoke alarms eliminate many of the deficiencies of traditional alarms. With standard smoke …

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Our Review Of Tesla Solar Panels In 2021: Worth The Cost?

tesla solar panels featured

Solar panels are a great way to make your home eco-friendly and off-grid. Tesla and its chairman Elon Musk are well-known for their grand technologies – and their solar panels are no exception. After merging with SolarCity in 2016, Tesla Energy announced its plans with solar technology and has since become the largest installer of …

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Finding The Strongest Smart Irrigation Controller For 2021

smart irrigation controller featured

With so many smart-home systems available to manage the internal operations of a household—from thermostats to lighting—it only makes sense that smart-home technology is making its way into residential landscape maintenance. If you already own a sprinkler system with a mechanical or clock-based timer, it may be time to upgrade to a smart controller to …

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Our Strong Picks For The Best Security Camera System In 2021

best security camera system featured

A “smart” outdoor security camera can provide additional peace of mind for you and your family by capturing any unusual activity on your property, whether it’s a doorstep package thief, a would-be home invader or even an animal getting into your trash can. As an added bonus, they can also help you keep a watchful …

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Best Voice Assistants for 2021: Amazon Echo vs Google Home

amazon echo vs google home featured

As artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have begun to infiltrate nearly every aspect of our lives, many of us are inviting them into our homes in the form of voice-controlled digital assistants. These “smart speakers” stand ready to help us find and play music, complete our online shopping lists, search the internet, set …

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Discovering The Best Smart Locks For Home Security In 2021

best smart locks featured

These days, nearly every element of your household operation is available in a “smart” version, and your locks are no exception. With the best smart locks securing your home, you no longer have to carry (and keep track of) a set of house keys, and some models allow you to provide secure access to visitors …

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Our Greatest Choices For The Best Smart Thermostat In 2021

best smart thermostat featured

As elements of our lives become increasingly reliant on the Internet of Things, millions of homeowners and renters are installing “smart thermostats” to manage their energy costs. Generally speaking, a smart thermostat uses digital components to automatically adjust temperature settings and other functions to maintain conditions that you establish. The majority of these systems work …

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